Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wonderful interview!

I'm becoming an old hand at this radio interview thing. Which is to say, today I was on radio for the 2nd time as the official Hottest100Women voice. And it was so much fun! Even though I ran late due to horrific footy traffic on Punt Road. The wonderful Hayley Van Es was very understanding, and helped me get right into the groove very comfortably. The show is "Girly Is Good" on 3CR (855am), and I'm going to start listening to it religiously now - just like with "Byte Into It", with the wonderful host Sarah Stokely, on 3RRR, the experience of actually participating on the show has made me realise how important these shows are, and how much I want to actually pay attention! (I admit, I'm much more a music fan than talk on the radio - due to spending a year working as a transcription typist and ending up hating talkback radio - I know it's not the same as these shows, but hey, I'm now scarred for life.)

Anyway, 3CR absolutely rocked, so go subscribe, donate, every little bit counts. In fact, they are so cool, they even link to 3RRR and encourage people to donate to them, too. See? Supportive community arts endeavours - how I love you! (And I even intend to come to 3CR's fundraiser this Friday night - and I NEVER go out on Friday nights!)

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