Sunday, August 9, 2009

The countdown! Positions 74-85

Here are the songs which tied at positions 74 through to 85, in alphabetical order.

  • "Coin-Operated Boy", by Dresden Dolls, from USA, in 2004
  • "Devilgate Drive", by Suzi Quatro, from USA, in 1974
  • "Feeling Good", by Nina Simone, from USA, in 1965
  • "Fuck The Pain Away", by Peaches, from Canada, in 2000
  • "Gloria", by Patti Smith, from USA, in 1975
  • "Mercedes Benz", by Janis Joplin, from USA, in 1971
  • "One Way Or Another", by Blondie, from USA, in 1978
  • "Queer", by Garbage, from USA, in 1995
  • "Science Fiction", by Divinyls, from Australia, in 1983
  • "White Rabbit", by Jefferson Airplane, from USA, in 1967
  • "Winter", by Tori Amos, from USA, in 1992
  • "Your Ghost", by Kristen Hersh, from USA, in 1994

Incidental fact: This is a scary list. There are ghosts, devils, things of science fiction, and even androids. Oh god, how great is the Peaches video?? Incidentally, there are no Garbage songs from their 4th album, which is a pity - I really love "Bleed Like Me", and it was only voted for twice. Oh by the way - how wonderful is Patti Smith?


  1. Your Ghost...what a fanstastic song, and sadly forgotten (by me at least) song. Thanks for reminding me how much I love it!

  2. Patti is so wonderful! I've seen her live twice, including her recent tour, and her rendition of Gloria that night was one of the most electrifying live performances I've ever experienced. I think it's one of the few covers that's actually better than the original. I mean she pretty much rewrote the thing. I'm surprised it isn't higher up actually.

    I love Science Fiction by Divinyls as well. The perfect pop/rock love song. I've seen them live many times. Chrissie has so much charisma and was great live. I voted for Devil Gate Drive by Suzie Quatro as well. My mum used to play that one relentlessly!

  3. Hooray - one I voted for is in! (Tori Amos' "Winter", if you're wondering.) "Queer" brings back great memories - my first play in Melbourne had a night club scene set to that song. And I'm picking up some great new tunes to check out!