Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where to from here?

I've been home sick today, and have spent some time thinking about what to do with the immense amounts of support, enthusiasm, interest, and general positivity which have emerged from the whole hottest 100 womene experience. And here are some of my plans for this whole project, going forward.

  1. Release a CD of as many of the tracks as possible, like JJJ's own Hottest 100 CDs.
  2. Organise an iTunes playlist for all the tracks.
  3. Hold another countdown next year, to coincide with the JJJ Hottest 100 - Hottest 100 Women songs for the year.
  4. Release some more stats from this year, since y'all seem to love them.
  5. Continue using this blog and the Twitter account to talk about women and music, the arts, feminism, the whole shebang.
So, although this year's countdown has finished, the Hottest 100 Women project has just begun. Please stay subscribed to the blog and to the Twitter account to keep up with what's happening, suggest your own ideas, provide me with feedback, and continue discussing the brilliance that is women's music.


  1. Awesome! Go Naomi!

    I did a mini poll with my friends, and have promised them a CD of the results. So I love the idea of you creating a CD!

  2. Fantastic ideal, thanks for doing this. I would definitely buy a CD too!

  3. CD! CD! CD!

    But then, you knew that already... :-)

    A Hottest100Women voting campaign next year, timed to coincide with the JJJ vote is pretty much mandatory. :-) It will be interesting to see 1) what changes from year to year in 'our' countdown, and 2) whether any changes occur in the JJJ one.

    Since I suspect that the bias in the JJJ poll is largely to do with an incredibly skewed selection sample, I don't hold out much hope that theirs will change significantly.

    (Yeah, our selection sample is skewed too, but... THEY STARTED IT!!) :-P

  4. AWESOME!! continue your amazing work. Girly is Good and 3CR love it :-)

    Ginger xx

  5. CD is not going to happen, since it's just so .... daunting. But I'm working on putting together playlists for iTunes, etc, and see if that helps out. Sorry everyone for the disappointment :(