Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hottest 100 Women 2010 is ON! And I need your help

That's right, I'm doing it again - for all female artist songs released during 2010 - in Australia and the world.  First up, I need to build a list of all these songs.  And you can help by adding songs which should be on it, to the list - a file I have made publicly editable over at Google Docs.

Here's an easy way to find new songs to add:
  1. Visit Wikipedia
  2. Find an album with a female artist (start from half-way through February)
  3. If it isn't on the list, add it by copying & pasting the track listing. 

This file will close at the end of December, 2010, and voting will start in the first week of January, 2011, with results to be counted down somewhere early in February.  If you'd like to help out in any other way with the countdown, please, let me know!

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