Sunday, August 9, 2009

The countdown! Positions 52-54

Here are the songs which tied at positions 52 through to 54, in alphabetical order.

  • "Crucify", by Tori Amos, from USA, in 1992
  • "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", by Cyndi Lauper, from USA, in 1983
  • "These Boots Are Made For Walking", by Nancy Sinatra, from USA, in 1966

Incidental fact: Words cannot express how thrilled I am that a childhood favourite of mine - Girls Just Wanna ... - made it into the top 100. And Nancy Sinatra may not have been such an amazing singer, but how cute is her clip?


  1. What the? Who cares if no women made it into the top 100? it was a poll that asked everyone to participate and vote for their favourites - Some of these songs are good, but they had just as much chance of making it as all the other ones that did - it's ridiculous that you're doing this 'in response to jjj's poll' feel free to have a countdown, just don't try and make it out that the J's, or the j's audience had something against women - dead set idiotic

  2. Oh, shut up, you're giving anonymous people a bad name.

  3. Feel free to have a countdown? Why thank you. Lets get on with it then shall we? :)

    Cyndi Lauper's album was the first album I ever bought. I adore her. And oh, I adore Tori. I'm going to see her in November. I hear she's amazing live.

  4. Wow I'd never seen that clip for Boots. So badass.

  5. I just found this countdown via Hoyden About Town, and I'm rocking out, here! It's awesome!

  6. Dear 1st anonymous

    Who cares? I do.

    I care that our culture is dominated by misogyny and sexism because that's the reason there is such an enormous gender-imbalance in JJJ's list. I care that our culture erroneously teaches man = human, woman = non-entity. I care that our culture values the achievements of males and ignores the achievements of females in nearly every facet of existence and I care that our culture teaches women to be subordinate, obedient and that pandering to male desire is the only path to acceptance.

    Pull your head in.

    No love.

  7. damn straight, anonymous #2. *high fives you*

  8. I just want to put a comment so I can be anonymous #4!

    I think the benefit of this countdown is that it is drawing people's attention to artists that many may not know much about. Anything that focuses attention on good music as opposed to sport (or bad music), is a great thing, regardless of the initial reasons for doing it.

  9. Tori is amazing live! In fact I think she is the artist I have seen most live (seven time now) and she has never failed to impress.