Monday, October 26, 2009

Hummingbird 100 countdown

Before I get into this in any depth, in the interests of full disclosure, you should know I may be receiving some free beer from the wonderful women behind the Hummingbird 100. However, I haven't drunk any yet, and in my life I don't count my chickens before they're hatched, so be assured this post is written not having been bribed by alcohol - but after having spent an evening in the company of some excellent and well-listened women.

I'm a sucker for anyone who knows the Robert Downey Jnr Driving Naked While Throwing Imaginary Rats Out Of His Car story.

I'll boil it down for you quite simply:

The Hummingbird 100 countdown is sponsored by the company that brought us alcopops.

The countdown is being run by some seriously dedicated, music-mad women who are just as pissed off at JJJ as I am.

Alcopops and a beer that claims that women haven't had any beer made just for them, are not pinnacles of western culture. I like beer as it is. I don't believe we need special beer for women. I think we're capable of drinking Guinness, VB, Coopers, Little Creatures, Asahi - you name it.

The countdown is going to be BIG. It is going to generate interest in women's music.

And in beer.

The technology they're using to tally the votes - this is being paid for by beer. If I had received as many votes as they're going to - I couldn't have done the countdown. I would have needed a lot of help.

The kind of help provided by, you know, beer. Or, a dedicated team of passionate volunteers. Not necessarily beer.

But, in this case, beer.

And a hell of a lot of publicity, as orchestrated by people who know how these things work. And who know how to exploit the system to get recognition for women's music.

It's up to you, folks. Make your own judgement call. But, if you do decide to support the Hummingbird 100, get involved with it, just like you did with my countdown. Encourage your friends and family to vote. Post links on your blogs and Twitters. Join in the forums.

If you don't decide to support it, that's utterly and totally cool, and your choice. No judgement here. Love you all.

(And yes, it's possible I'm just so excited to be able to actually vote, since I barred myself from my own countdown.)