Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The top 110 - the final list

Here is the final, ultimate, total, absolute (until next year) list of the top 100 songs as sung by a woman (or a band with 2 or more women in it), as voted by YOU.

1 Respect Aretha Franklin USA 1967
2 Wuthering Heights Kate Bush England 1978
3 Cornflake Girl Tori Amos USA 1994
4 Glory Box Portishead England 1994
6 Cannonball Breeders USA 1993
6 Piece Of My Heart Janis Joplin USA 1968
7 Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O'Connor Ireland 1990
8 Son Of A Preacher Man Dusty Springfield England 1968
9 Seether Veruca Salt USA 1994
11 Fade Into You Mazzy Star USA 1994
11 Hyperballad Bjork Iceland 1995
13 Fast Car Tracy Chapman USA 1988
13 Maps Yeah Yeah Yeahs USA 2003
14 Running Up That Hill Kate Bush England 1985
15 Good Fortune PJ Harvey England 2000
19 Gorecki Lamb England 1997
19 Heart Of Glass Blondie USA 1979
19 Jolene Dolly Parton USA 1974
19 Violet Hole USA 1995
20 I Touch Myself Divinyls Australia 1991
22 Dirty Jeans Magic Dirt Australia 2000
22 I Love Rock And Roll Joan Jett and The Blackhearts USA 1981
24 Brass In Pocket Pretenders England 1979
24 Time After Time Cyndi Lauper USA 1984
27 Constant Craving k.d. lang Canada 1992
27 Paper Planes M.I.A. England 2007
27 Strange Fruit Billie Holiday USA 1939
30 Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell Canada 1970
30 Like A Prayer Madonna USA 1989
30 sheela na Gig PJ Harvey England 1992
35 Army Of Me Bjork Iceland 1995
35 Call Me Blondie USA 1980
35 Human Behaviour Bjork Iceland 1993
35 You Ought To Know Alanis Morissette Canada 1995
35 Zombie Cranberries Ireland 1994
40 A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell) Joni Mitchell Canada 1971
40 At Last Etta James USA 1960
40 Babooshka Kate Bush England 1980
40 Breathe Me Sia Australia 2004
40 Celebrity Skin Hole USA 1998
45 Boys In Town Divinyls Australia 1981
45 Kool Thing Sonic Youth USA 1990
45 Linger Cranberries Ireland 1993
45 Push It (Salt and Pepa) Salt N Pepa USA 1987
45 You're So Vain (Carly Simon) Carly Simon USA 1972
51 Closer To Fine Indigo Girls USA 1989
51 Go your own way Fleetwood Mac England 1977
51 Just A Girl No Doubt USA 1995
51 Man Overboard Do Re Mi Australia 1985
51 Rehab Amy Winehouse England 2006
51 Standing In The Way Of Control Gossip USA 2006
54 Crucify Tori Amos USA 1992
54 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cyndi Lauper USA 1983
54 These Boots Are Made For Walking Nancy Sinatra USA 1966
59 Atomic Blondie USA 1979
59 Bloody Mother Fucking Assholes Martha Wainwright Canada 2004
59 Central Reservation Beth Orton England 1999
59 It's Oh So Quiet Bjork Iceland 1995
59 Untouchable Face Ani DiFranco USA 1996
68 London Still Waifs Australia 2002
68 Me And Bobby McGee Janis Joplin USA 1971
68 Samson Regina Spektor USA 2002
68 Scar Missy Higgins Australia 2004
68 Sweet Dreams Eurythmics England 1983
68 Teardrop Massive Attack England 1998
68 This Mess We're In PJ Harvey England 2000
68 Vogue Madonna USA 1990
68 What's Up Four Non Blondes USA 1993
73 99 Luftballons Nena Germany 1984
73 Doll Parts Hole USA 1994
73 Miss World Hole USA 1994
73 Only Happy When It Rains Garbage USA 1995
73 Stay (Lisa Loeb) Lisa Loeb USA 1994
85 Coin-Operated Boy Dresden Dolls USA 2004
85 Devilgate Drive Suzi Quatro USA 1974
85 Feeling Good Nina Simone USA 1965
85 Fuck The Pain Away Peaches Canada 2000
85 Gloria Patti Smith USA 1975
85 Mercedes Benz Janis Joplin USA 1971
85 One Way Or Another Blondie USA 1978
85 Queer Garbage USA 1995
85 Science Fiction Divinyls Australia 1983
85 White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane USA 1967
85 Winter Tori Amos USA 1992
85 Your Ghost Kristen Hersh USA 1994
95 Criminal Fiona Apple USA 1996
95 Deceptacon Le Tigre USA 1999
95 Down By The Water PJ Harvey England 1995
95 Edge Of Seventeen Stevie Nicks USA 1981
95 Fast As You Can Fiona Apple USA 1999
95 Joga Bjork Iceland 1997
95 Luka Suzanne Vega USA 1987
95 Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac England 1975
95 Roads Portishead England 1994
95 Talkin' 'bout A Revolution Tracy Chapman USA 1988
110 1 2 3 4 Feist Canada 2007
110 Back To Black Amy Winehouse England 2006
110 Cloudbusting Kate Bush England 1985
110 Don't Speak No Doubt USA 1996
110 Fidelity Regina Spektor USA 2006
110 Horses Patti Smith USA 1975
110 I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor USA 1978
110 Landslide Fleetwood Mac England 1975
110 My Baby Just Cares For Me Nina Simone USA 1958
110 On The Radio Regina Spektor USA 2006
110 Precious Things Tori Amos USA 1992
110 Rapture Blondie USA 1981
110 Stop! Sam Brown England 1988
110 The Fear Lily Allen England 2009
110 Vow Garbage USA 1995


  1. Thanks to the people who made this happen. I'm a baby boomer,definitely not techno-gen, so I'm most amazed that it all happened so smoothly AND outside the radio-station system. Congrats!

  2. Fantastic effort. R-E-S-P-E-C-T indeed.

  3. yeah big props Nay, you rock girlfriend!

  4. Now that's MY kinda hottest 100! Thanks!

  5. Ahh, these are all very deserving songs (except for What's Up). Fantastic countdown overall - my only other complaint being the 40-song Madonna split.

    Thank you soooo much, Naomi, for all the effort... it was a lot of fun. And lastly, someone needs to get this countdown played on triple j!

  6. Thank-you so much for this. It was actually too awesome!

  7. Shouldn't the two songs tied after 4th place be listed as 5th not 6th? Likewise for all the other ties.

  8. I think this is an awesome effort, and I like a lot of the songs on the list. However, on perusal I am wondering if this list was largely voted BY women. Its probably too hard to tell now that its finished, but I would have been interested to know the gender split of people voting.

  9. Naomi Eve, take a bow! You have done a great service to music appreciation, and female artists.

  10. Anyone got a torrent of all the songs?

  11. Hey tedpercival - yeah, I wasn't sure whether to list them equal 5th or equal 6th - and coz I'm a pessimist, I went with equal 6th :)

    alex horwood - will see what I can do about the gender split analysis - subscribe to the blog and you won't miss out when I write a post about it!

    anonymous - I haven't provided a torrent, but other people are welcome to do whatever they want with the results.

  12. Great list. Only real worry is that Respect is a cover of a faintly sexist Otis Redding track ("Hey little girl / I'm about to give you all my money / all I'm askin for / is a little respect"). Either ways, great list, and it's great that it's not the waspy rock and roll on the other list - seeing someone like Nina or Billie is both welcome and correct.

  13. Cam - I find it kinda funny really that Respect got so many votes, and Otis is probably fuming that they aren't from people saying "yeah! Men DO deserve more respect!" I like the neatly subversive element of it topping the list.

    Also agree - 'tis nice that the list isn't whiter than white!

  14. Well done indeed. I am very happy with this list and a quick check of my itunes library means I have most songs to make this a playlist. Thanks Naomi for going to the effort instead of simply complaining about the JJJ poll like the rest of us.

  15. Fantastic list - thanks for compiling this - took a lot of effort and showed the group's diversity too.

  16. Dear Rock Goddess, Thank you sooo much xxxxxxxxx. Jane A

  17. Nice list. How many voyes were counted in this poll?

  18. You're welcome, everyone :)

    To the last anonymous: 7,167 votes. Yes, I know it's not a lot - but it was enough to get some meaningful results. And to have a lot of fun with some wonderful new friends.

  19. Pj has to many super songs that everyone loves-hence unable to get large numbers.
    if it was just artists not songs she should be Number 1............ ohhhh yeah ROCK!