Sunday, August 9, 2009

The countdown! Positions 86-95

Here are the songs which tied at positions 86 through to 95, in alphabetical order.

  • "Criminal", by Fiona Apple, from USA, in 1996
  • "Deceptacon", by Le Tigre, from USA, in 1999
  • "Down By The Water", by PJ Harvey, from England, in 1995
  • "Edge Of Seventeen", by Stevie Nicks, from USA, in 1981
  • "Fast As You Can", by Fiona Apple, from USA, in 1999
  • "Joga", by Bjork, from Iceland, in 1997
  • "Luka", by Suzanne Vega, from USA, in 1987
  • "Rhiannon", by Fleetwood Mac, from England, in 1975
  • "Roads", by Portishead, from England, in 1994
  • "Talkin' 'bout A Revolution", by Tracy Chapman, from USA, in 1988

Incidental fact: I adore Fiona Apple. This was her first single. And she STILL rocks. And how much does Luka still make me cry :(


  1. Edge of Seventeen is about the deaths of Stevie Nicks' uncle and John Lennon in the same week. Destiny's Child later sampled the riff in "Bootylicious" :-(

  2. Bella Donna, Stevie Nicks's first and best solo album (IMHO) is just bloody fantastic... it's where "Edge of Seventeen" is from - all the other tracks are fabulous too!

  3. Rhiannon is commonly thought to be about a Welsh witch, but it's actually about a novel Stevie Nicks read called Triad. Which incidentally was about a woman who is possessed by another women called Rhiannon.

  4. Hey, this is fantastic so far... I haven't even had to vote for any of these songs yet and they still got in! :D