Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Post-poll statistics and facts

Playing with spreadsheets and pivottables creates some wonderfully interesting statistics and nuggets of yummiest information. Here are some of them:
  1. Australia had 8 songs in the top 100. 3 of these were by the Divinyls. P.S. Chrissie Amphlett is a goddess.
  2. At least we beat Canada, who had 7 songs.
  3. England beat us resoundingly with 23.
  4. Joke's on them - US had 62.
  5. Bjork and Blondie had the most songs in the top 100, with 5 each.
  6. The earliest song in the top 100 was Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday, from 1939. The most recent was The Fear by Lily Allen, from 2009. That's 70 years between the two, incidentally.
  7. The most popular decade was the 1990s, with 43 of the top 100.
  8. 1980s came second, with 20.
  9. The number 1 song is a cover.
  10. Songs I didn't know I knew in the top 100 included: Glory Box, Professional Widow (edited to add: woops, this was NOT in the top 100, or 110! sorry!), Kool Thing, Miss World, Brass In Pocket, Closer To Fine.
  11. Personal names in the top 100: Luka, Rhiannon, Gloria, Samson, Bobby, Jolene.
  12. Song I could have sworn I was the only person in the world to know: Seether (9th place).
  13. The top 11 was over half American.
  14. The highest Australian song came in at 20th - I Touch Myself, by Divinyls. It had previously been Magic Dirt's "Dirty Jeans", which ended up at 22nd.
  15. An ex-Australian Idol contestant, Lisa Mitchell, got quite a few votes.
  16. Some of the poppier artists you may not have expected to be voted for include: Spice Girls, Janet Jackson, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera.
  17. Some song titles that made me laugh: be careful what you pray for, Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be A Bad Person?, Feminists Don't Have A Sense Of Humour, Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter, What's Your Take On Cassavetes, Too Drunk to Fuck, The Largest Elizabeth in the World, Sweet Potato, Get off the internet!, I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
  18. The only users to vote for more than 1 song, and have ALL their votes appear in the top 110: @attentive, kat (voting on Fuck Politeness' blog), Kate Leitch, Kate Miller-Heidke (the one and only), and Mortisha (voting on Fuck Politeness' blog).
  19. Some other high scoring users: Alex Horwood (83% of 12 votes), Sarah Easton (74% of 19 votes), Maeve Marsden (72% of 25 votes), and @vodkandlime (68% of 19 votes).
  20. Of all the people who had none of their songs appear in the top 110, @mbd wins with 25 votes, none of which appeared in the final results. Go @mbd!
  21. The biggest voting day was the second last day, 6/8/09, with 1,184 votes recorded.
  22. Songs which were in the top 110 for a while but were beaten out in the last few days: Birthday by Sugarcubes, Caught A Lite Sneeze by Tori Amos, Come On Come On by Little Birdy (awww Aussie), Divorcee By 23 by Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set (more Aussie!), La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf (awww Frenchie!), My Island Home by Christine Anu (you get the picture), Alive And Brilliant by Deborah Conway, Work It by Missy Elliott, and Oh Bondage Up Yours by X-ray Spex (bugger!).
Any more stats you'd like? Ask and ye shall receive.


  1. What was the total number of votes?

  2. 7,167 (I knew I had forgotten to include that!)
    and, 460 people voted.

  3. How many songs were voted for?

  4. Wait, Professional Widow made it?? Lol. How did I not notice this? *Scrolls back through the list*

  5. 2,844 songs were voted for. oh and i was wrong - professional widow WASN'T in there. eep! sorry!

  6. and 917 artists/bands were voted for.

  7. Pity, I love that song!

    Very interesting stats! Thanks for all your hard work!

  8. Great playlist but I would have liked to see some Concrete Blonde and Ladytron included.
    Johnette Napolitano has to be one of my favourite female singers-she will be out here in early Oct. if anyone is interested....

  9. Dammit, I didn't beat Kate Miller-Heidke.

    (Are you fucking kidding me? LOL)

  10. how about other themes in song titles, food? colours?

  11. hey you still let a song sung by a man slip in - go your own way by fleetwood mac

  12. hey kiri - will look into more themes, definitely!

  13. Who was the woman involved in Calling Occupants of INterplanetary Craft?

  14. I'm curious: Do we know the modal (most frequently occurring) age of the voters? I'm a little disappointed in the "of all time"ness of this list of winners.

  15. i have no clue about the ages of the voters, so no clue on modal, median, or average! (are median and average the same?)

    will dig up info on interplanetary female.