Monday, August 10, 2009

The countdown! Positions 36-40

Here are the songs which tied at positions 36 through to 40, in alphabetical order.

  • "A Case Of You", by Joni Mitchell, from Canada, in 1971
  • "At Last", by Etta James, from USA, in 1960
  • "Babooshka", by Kate Bush, from England, in 1980
  • "Breathe Me", by Sia, from Australia, in 2004
  • "Celebrity Skin", by Hole, from USA, in 1998

Incidental fact: Babooshka tells a really nifty story. Pay attention to the words.


  1. I thought there'd be a LOT more Kate Bush than what there is - without Kate, there would be no Tori Amos or Bjork!

  2. ...or Kate Miller-Heidke ;-)

    But seriously great to see so many KB songs in the Top100 - great taste people!

  3. "Celebrity Skin" is 1998. Hole didn't even form as a band until 1989, though Courtney Love was singing back in 1984 (she was lead vocalist for Faith No More in 1983).

    PS: My Dad LOVED Kate Bush and would be proud! I'm more into Tori and Bjork myself, but they're all great!

  4. Thanks anon, some of my spreadsheeting goodness failed now and then!